What general info do you need upon initial visit?

Please download this

Patient Intake Form and fill out.

We can go over any questions upon your arrival.

What Types of Injuries do commonly Treat?

What should I expect on my first visit?

First visits are 45 minute evaluations that include a detailed history, as well as objective measurements in order to develop a quality home exercise program.

How long does treatment take?

Initial evaluations are 45 minutes.
Follow up treatments take 45 minutes.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, please check list for accepted insurers. The list changes frequently, so please call for updates.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Empire/Anthem)
Workmans Compensation

Is a prescription needed?

Not in Connecticut. In 2006 the state of Connecticut passed Direct Access for Physical Therapy.
You are no longer required to have a medical prescription to be treated by a physical therapist. However, due to
inconsistency of insurance companies, a prescription is recommended.

What Clothes Should I bring?

You should bring comfortable workout attire, including sneakers. Please note that I will need access to the area being treated.